Be Unique this coming Valentine's Day

Hey Guys! Valentine's Day is fast approaching. What are you buying your loved one this year? The usual? Mmm...sounds exciting.

If you are like most, you are probably going to wait until the last minute to buy cards and gifts. I know, been there done that. I've witnessed it every year. The joy of corralling with the other guys scavenging through leftover greeting cards and rushing to buy thoughtless traditional gifts on the day of St. Valentine. In the back of your mind, as you wait in the long lines with pretty little things in your manly hands, you probably wish the day will hurry up and just come to an end. Along with the hope that your special someone will love the things you bought her, again. I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be like that. Plan ahead.

This year put a little more thought into a gift. Instead of getting her the same old same old, flowers, balloons, and candy (which she probably expects anyways)---surprise her with portraits of the people that are held dear to her, straight from your heart. After all, you can't spell "heart" without "art." Am I right? We all like to keep the ladies happy every now and then. Valentine's Day is a day to do it.

Now is a great time to commission a portrait. I am offering sketch portraits for $200 (normally priced at $300) now until the week of Valentine's Day. Sketch portraits are beautiful impressions of the subject being interpreted. Quick painting methods within a two or three hour time frame gives these pieces their unique and unfinished appearance. Each piece is done on an 11x14 toned surface, unframed. Whether in pastel or oil, they are the most economical option. I can offer deals for multiple portraits.

Great gift idea for mothers who have young children. I always say precious moments make the best.

Don't want to break the tradition, I get it. Cupid must have hit you with a dull arrow. That must have hurt. Unless you're the guy who likes to spice things up a bit and get her things like nice jewelry, or take her on a cruise, lets keep the holiday of love and romance plain and simple. Good luck. I'm just saying, flowers die and candy get eaten---get her the gift she can appreciate every day for the many years to come. She will LOVE it!

Contact me if interested. I work from photos. First come, first serve. Hurry! Time is wasting! Don't wait until the last minute, by then it will be too late.


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