New Portrait

The best time for studio work is in the cold winter. There's not a lot of art events going on any way, so it's really a perfect time to hone one's skills.

The first painting I did this year is a self-portrait. This is a 3-hour oil painting fresh off the easel, using nothing but the Zorn palette. Portraits can be difficult to achieve. To succeed, your painting has to resemble the subject in some way. Believe it or not, the biggest struggle I usually have with portraits is not the eyes, nose, ears, or mouth (the things most people struggle with)---it's what am I going to do with the background.

11x14 oil on board

Unique Gift Idea for Valentine's Day

Sketch portraits, like the one above, in oil or pastel are still being offered for $200 until the week of Valentine's Day. That's $100 OFF original price ($300). Commission one for a loved one. Great gift idea for Valentine's Day. 


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