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Branching Out

To grow, you must explore. Take new challenges and broaden your horizons. Participation is key.

One of the things I advise artists to do in their careers, is to branch out. Get your artwork out in other communities other than your own. Even if it's the next town over. If you want to grow as an artist and take your work to a new level, be willing to take the next steps. Explore the art world, see what is available out there. Participate. Challenge yourself and build self-confidence. Create your own spotlight. Most local art scenes are not able to support your goals in the long run and can become very limited. You never know, one exhibit might get you another. Just like that, it has worked for me in the past---more than once.

I've learned something over the years from other artists. When you exhibit artwork in a new community, you are exotic. People love the exotic because it's something new, it's fresh, and it's different. Local art scenes tend to become bland when …

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