Start Off the New Year With Some Art

The holidays are over. It's that time of year to splurge on yourself.

Start off the New Year with some NEW decorating ideas.  As you take down the Christmas décor., think of ways to beautify your home. Freshen up your walls or fill the empty ones with ART---original art.

When redecorating a space in your home, the objective is to make that space your own. Personalize your space with the things that inspire you and bring you joy. Art should speak to you, not match the couch---it's not camouflage. If it clashes, that's great, it stands out in the room and gets noticed. 

"Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it."
---Robert Motherwell

Unique, interesting, inviting, appealing - these are all words that describe a room with art. No matter what size, large or small, one-of-a-kind original art make great conversation pieces. "Hey! I love that painting hanging in the other room, where did you get it?" BAM! A conversation already started. What a great feeling of ownership when someone loves and compliments something you already have. 

Don't settle for cheaper mass produced posters and prints. They're not unique, never will be because hundreds/thousands of others have the exact same copy. "That's my favorite painting by so and so, I have the exact same picture hanging in my basement." See how quickly ownership can lose its luster? Limited edition prints are best. Sometimes what you pay for a large mass produced framed copy, you can buy a small original or make a down payment for a larger piece.

Money? I don't like to talk about money because everyone's financial situations are different. I'm not telling people how to spend their money either. We artists understand, what we make is not a necessity. You can live without art on your walls. It's a personal preference to have it. But as an artist, all too often you hear the words "I wish I can afford it." or "I don't have the money right now." Worse, there is a strong interest until its time to pay. Yes, it does take some money to buy a painting, as does anything else in life. Notice I used the word "some." A lot is good and helps, but you don't have to make six figures to buy good art. In fact, most of the people I've sold art directly, make less. My work is priced fairly low in this profession as I don't have professional gallery commissions I have to pay. Art may seem pricey, but if you think about it, it's really no different than the other things we blow our hard earned cash on---going out, vacations, major sporting events, concerts, membership fees, hobbies, out to eat (Eat out often? Tally up that bill every month.), a third car we rarely drive, electronics, many other things we don't really need---I can go on and on. It's not about affordability, it's about compromising and knowing its possible. If you want it bad enough, you can have it. 

It's time to be original, take some pride in your home. Don't settle for the prison cell look with empty walls in you home. It's time to personalize your space. Get that painting you've been eyeballing or commission a piece specifically for you. Layaway is available. Pay online through PayPal. Price quotes are available, just ask.

Unframed art is 15% LESS.

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